This artifact is a recap of an online discussion addressing a case study reviewing Planned Parenthood vs. Susan G Komen. The case addressed the implications of Komen terminating grant monies to Planned Parenthood and the public’s reaction to the announcement. The artifact was produced in the fall of 2019 by me in response to four key questions addressing the way Planned Parenthood used social media and their publics to influence a change in Komen’s decision. The process was an excellent example of how the many can sway the powerful. By working together and pulling on the resources of their publics, Planned Parenthood embarked on a powerful campaign that ultimately reinstated the monies that were being terminated. It is a powerful example of how the internet has changed the velocity and reach of communications. This exercise demonstrates my ability to assess key learnings through a real-world case study. Specifically, it was an opportunity to develop L1-6 and D2 by evaluating and interpreting the differences in how communications were managed by each organization and how they used their power to respond, connect and create change.

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