This artifact is an infographic designed to showcase multiple points of data on a subject that interested me. I chose my celebrity crush, Bobby Flay, a celebrity chef, author, and host to several Food Network shows. The point of this artifact was to collect several data sets on one subject and present them in a way that tells a story in a visually pleasing medium. I decided to have a little fun with the data set. For this particular piece I wanted to demonstrate my ability to combine a narrative, imagery, graphics and numbers that collectively and cohesively told the reader about Bobby Flay. I begin with a narrative about his origins, then quantify his success via a timeline, and finish with the more interesting facts about is love life and social following. I decided to use a dark background for masculinity with a pop of color to help group the information into digestible sections. This artifact provided a fun and practical way for me to showcase my ability to deliver an elegant message appropriate to the audience (L6).

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