This artifact is a report that I prepared for the Sonoma-Marin Fair, just before the activation of COVID-19. The purpose was to update the fair’s board of directors and CEO of the progress publicity had made to date promoting our event. It was also designed to explain the publicity budget and road map for 2020. I decided to use this opportunity to satisfy the requirements for my final project in Information and Design. This report allowed me to demonstrate my ability to create a visually inviting communication tool needed to bring fair management up to speed. I was able to incorporate branding, imagery, text, graphs, and numbers to create a narrative on my determined road map for this year’s event. This was also a great way to showcase the success of our social performance over 3 – years. This project demonstrates my ability to assess barriers that impede communication effectiveness, deliver an elegant message appropriate to the audience (L3, L6), and my ability to be equipped to influence change (D3).

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